heckard2Dr. Bruce Heckard is a Chiropractor in Napa Valley. He served in the US military as an airborne Pathfinder in Vietnam for two Years after he graduated high school. After his military service, he attended Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport Iowa. When he graduated n 1978, he joined and practiced with his father, Dr. Byron Heckard and in 1991 he became the sole doctor of Heckard Chiropractic Offices.

Dr. Bruce Heckard uses a Holistic approach and employs the finest and most precise and advanced technology available to embrace the body. The Heckard Chriropractic Offices uses the adjusting technique called Directional-Non Force Technique® (D.N.F.T.®) which has been refined and practiced for more than 70 years. This technique can track progressive changes brought on by real time precise corrections is nonexistent with static analytic tools.

By providing what each system requires for complete robust health, Dr. Heckard brings about a transformation from ill health to abundant health in the shortest possible time frame. The body provides the required information effortlessly and Dr. Heckard applies this information to orchestrate a complete restoration to health.

Dr. Heckard’s three main objectives are:

1. To provide answers and solutions to unresolved health issues.

2. To provide the fastest and longest recovery possible.

3. To provide healthy life changes for self maintenance.

Know more about Dr. Bruce Heckard at http://www.heckardchiropractic.com/